Friday, February 18, 2011


Not another suicide case?
17 years old, what a beautiful age to live. 17 years old, the world is still full with excitement and surprises. There’s so much things waiting for us to explore, but why suicide for love?
A 17 years old girl chooses to end her life after breaking up with her boyfriend. She wrote a lot of messages on her Facebook, claiming that she won’t live till that day. Friends and family try to understand her, but she wouldn’t speak out.
In the end, on 8th of February, she ran out from classroom and jump off from 2nd floor. She died of head injury.
Suicide for love should become a serious issue ever since Alviss Kong’s case, especially among teens. How has love created such a narrow view to teens? I don’t know if the media is one the factor or not. Movies or dramas nowadays love to use suicide as their spice up ingredients. Small little matter and the character will yell for suicide.
Family and friends should pay more attention to them. Sometimes a small tiny action can tell you their next step. Especially social network nowadays had become a place for everyone to vent. They speak out what they thought in everything. Therefore whenever they wrote something suspicious on their status, please lend them some time and give them a bit of concern. They might change their mind, and they can explore what are the best things in their life.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Local News
Chinese New Year had always been a great celebration for all Chinese. Wanderers are trying all their best to get back home. Reunion has always been the most important tradition in Chinese families. They believe that anything can be solved once the family is gathering together.
For this year, it might be a tough year for people in Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan. Flood happened before the festival. The other areas of people are busy with cleaning up house, but they had to deal with flood. They had no place but to escape to a safer place. Their home had been destroyed by the flood. Everything is in a mess.
Still, wanderers have made their plan to meet their relatives and friends. They used all the methods they could, just to see if everyone is safe. It may seem like tragedy; still some of them cook in the evacuation centers. They even shared with other family. There’s a Chinese proverbs, “You can always get the warmest comfort when you’re in trouble”. This has been carry forward at here.
Though Mother Nature can be cruel at times, still it might be a sign of reminding us, what have we forgotten and left behind. Looking at all the pictures and news, my heart sense deeply that we shouldn’t forgot how beautiful all these pictures may seem. “Reunion”, such a beautiful word that ever exist in any way.

International News 

The Cause of Stubborn Act

It all happened for a small tiny reason, yet it so powerful and cause such a big chaotic in Tunisia, Egypt. Slowly, the whole progress went on to whole nation.
23 years of governing, much longer than our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, had been toppled down by his own resident. In the past, he was the most powerful man that ever led in Tunisia. When he grew older, things aren’t looking good than yesterday. In fact, people criticized him “too old to be president”. Things might look better if he would listen to his resident and step down.
Due to his stubborn, such a massive chaotic happened. Even US President, Mr Barack Obama had to step up and ask him to listen to the residents.
Why had this happened? I wonder. Somehow, a conversation with my family member makes me thought a lot. She said, it’s because of the power he’s holding. Egypt had been the most famous tourist spot. But the residents were never treating equally. Therefore many crimes happened. Rape, kidnap for ransom, murder, gang fight, fraud, all you name it. Class division is as strong as India. The rich one will get all the power; the poor one had to work for their entire life.
For now, we can’t do anything but pray to forgive their sins they’ve made.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Local news

Let's fight justice for a life
January 26, 2011, it must been a tough day for all animal lovers. If you are facebooker, you probably should know what I’m going to write next.
There’s a video leakage from the net. In the video, there’s a man training his dog, how to stand with two back legs. But the dog couldn’t manage to stand for a long time. The man became furious and started to abuse the dog. He kicked, threw the dog, slap the dog. The video was 15 minutes long. Behind the camera was believed to be the man’s girlfriend.
After the leakage, many netizens were furious and they started to create pages and groups, their aim is to find out who the two persons are and they want to fight a justice for the dog. It may seem meaningless or going to nowhere, somehow someone found who the two persons are. The media tried to contact both of them but it lead to a voice commander message.
There are a lot of arguments in between. People are wondering why they are doing this, what is their intention, why should they video shot it, why should they save it, why the person who collected the pendrive should upload it. Tons of questions popping up and it still lead to nowhere.
For what I thought, they should really deserve a justice punishment from the authorized parties. After all, the dog has a life. And it shouldn’t be treated in this way. Don’t they know a dog can’t stand with their hind legs for a long time? They should done research before training the dog. It’s very unfair to treat a life like this. Imagine if someone does this to you.
I really do hope someone would stand up and give these two a lesson on how to respect a life.

International News
Wealthy family?

Wealth is what everyone has been wishing for. They want to live a big mansion, own a few luxurious cars, attend high class party, girls are fighting to lie down in their arms, own a private jet, etc. It is indeed a life of what everyone is wishing for.
But when you have all this fortune, 4 wives, and a bunch of children, you cannot wish for a peaceful old time life.
Look at what happened to Stanley Ho. He is an entrepreneur in Hong Kong and Macau. He is famously known as “The King of Gambling”. In 2010, he is the 13th ranking richest man in Hong Kong. He holds a lot of presidents’ place in his corporations and businesses. Stanley has 17 children born to four different women. He handed over his share to his children once he thought the child is ready for it.
On the surface, it may looks like a happy and peaceful family. But look what happened now. The family is going to fall apart. To us, we are watching a Hong Kong drama series, where they are fighting for his properties. Things are getting complicated day to day. One day they said Stanley was in conscious mind when he reveal his will; the next day, they said he was too tired and blurted out wrong statements.
The family is bringing this case to court for settlement. Things are going to be more complicated once the court session begins. Till then, we will be munching popcorns and enjoy watching them acting their role.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Local News

An Expensive Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year, soon! Things are getting worse than last time. This year, there’s isn’t any atmosphere. I guess no one is in the mood. Let’s see what is causing it.

First off, this year may be the highest rate of inflation than ever. Chinese orange, pork, meats, seafood, vegetables, those that import from China, suffered from the highest rate of inflation. It was to be said, China is suffering from all the natural disaster, causing their crop worse than last time. Plus because of the weather, it made the shipment delayed. Consumer Division had no choice but to raise price and causing everyone had to go through “THE EXPENSIVE CHINESE NEW YEARS”.

Second, ever since the Chinese New Song’s copyright controversial happens, you can’t hear a songs playing from shopping mall. Malaysian likes to shop; they spend most of their time in a shopping mall. A foreigner once comments that shopping mall is like our Malaysian second home. Before the controversial, you can hear them playing right after Christmas. It’s kind of reminding you that Chinese New Year is nearby, and get ready to shop in their shop. After the controversial happened, none of the shop dares to play. And even if they play, they don’t play it loudly like it used to. Thus, walking in a shopping mall with decorations, but without a proper song to play, it’s like a handicapped atmosphere. Though all the promotions and discounts are tempting, still it does not make any effort to it.

Thirdly, before the bus terminus at Pudu has shifted, wanderers are trying every way they could to get back home. After they shifted, people started to lose faith on the new services. It had been reported that the new place is full of confusion. There are no signboards to show which directions you are heading. The place is still under construction, making the bus scheduling a little outdated. So far, there’s no positive news came from it. Also, ever since all the buses accidents happened last year, people are afraid of taking bus. People can’t get all those images off their mind. They either choose to car pool or rather not going back at all.

But still, I believe everyone will find their way to work it out. There are many other options to choose. Like for some, they go for a holiday. Chinese New Year had always been a serious yet fun festival celebrated by Chinese. It symbolised reunion of a family. Wanderers come back home after a long time. The younger generations accepts wishes from elders. Though, for some, this year might be a bit hard to survive, still, it can’t stop a person from missing their family.

International News

Mr Hu To The Visit

China President, Hu Jintao made his step on USA on 18th January 2011. He was welcomed by. Later on, President Barack Obama dines with him in a private dinner. It was till then the next day, they get on business.

The purpose of Mr Hu to the visit was to discuss some “serious matters” with Mr Obama.

  1. RMB Exchange Rate
  2. Human Rights
  3. Problems at Taiwan
  4. Problems at North Korea
  5. Disputed Areas
  6. Military Confrontation
  7. Energy and Environment Issues

The results of the discussion were a little joke (to me). Or rather shall i say their conversation were a little funny. Whenever Mr Obama made a statement, or he’s really trying to solve the problems, Mr Hu seems to either ignore it or change the topic.

Like for example, when they are discussing about the Human Rights issue, Mr Obama suggested that China should put a right act on making Human Rights as priority. But Mr Hu’s response was, they should respect each other path of development and be more focused on each other’s core interests.

Both men made a speech regarding Tibet and Taiwan’s issue. It seems that Mr Hu doesn't wants to make any further amendment and said, “A review of the history of our relations tells us that US-China relations will enjoy smooth and steady growth when the two countries handle well issues when each other’s major interests. Otherwise our relations will suffer constant trouble or even tension.”

While on Mr Obama’s side, he’s reaffirming the US position that Taiwan and Tibet are part of China.

After Mr Hu visit to US, I found that making a visit to such a powerful country, you must really fully prepare with your issues and statements. No matter how royalty the country is treating you, you should act like one leader that is prepared to solve problems that had been haunting your country for many years.

I might be a bit eccentric, but when our Prime Minister, Mr Najib paid a visit to US, Mr Obama doesn’t seem to be enthusiasm. He doesn’t welcomed Mr Najib to his private dinner. Mr Najib was unofficially welcomed by the Americans. Mr Najib left without anyone notice. (I think so.) When China decides to paid a visit, everything must be preparing royalty without any flaw. China indeed is a big country geographically and demographically, holding a big power, controlling Taiwan and Hong Kong. Of course, the Americans must pay fully attention to his visit. A small country like us doesn’t need all these attentions. Mr Obama might thought that a small country like us doesn’t need to be formal and all we want might just a bit attention from all way internationally. But when a BIG country like China came, flawless of schedule and arrangement must be made, in order to keep both parties a sustainable relationships.

After all, we Malaysia are just a small country. While China, with ambages answers can really make both parties stronger.